For the integration of the Beeteller platform with the partner platform, we will be communicating via API Rest. The partner platform will request a payment order from Beeteller, which will generate a charge for the partner's customer.

In the main flow, paying customers will go two steps. The first is within the partner's platform, where he will request a money order. In the second step the user will be redirected to a link on the Beeteller platform, where he will see all the necessary information to make the payment, either through a bank payment slip, TED transfer, PIX transfer, or through an wallet transfer Beeteller.

The parameters required for the request are in JSON as an example in this documentation.

The authentication for the endpoints is made from a token (we will send it by email) that will be included in the Authorization header of the request.

After any change in status changes in the payment orders, the webhook will be triggered for notification in your system. The format of the data sent by the webhook is also available below.